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Well I am just sitting here feeling much too pleased with myself for a Monday. I came home to find something I ordered for my package buddies *and* a package from Sera. I am so stoked about her package that I haven't even opened it yet! And I am also stoked about the stuff that came today for my buddies. Some of it is so cool, you just have no idea! And I have something that smells really, really good that I think Sera will love. I hope so!!

Quick recap of yesterday: Went to my parents' house about 1. Gave mom her gifts (plants, new watering can, chocolates, etc.). Gave Joe and Heather their wedding gift (very kick ass Yankee candle basket with big candles, toppers, votive holders, votives, car jars, etc.). Gave Kelly part of her birthday gift (very cool glass votive holders with painted flowers on outside and matching votives; also a goody bag w/Clinique touch base and other little goodies in it; also the engagement album and matching picture box from me and my mom; her other gift, a Midori Sour Primal Elements candle, arrived today and I will give it to her at the beach this weekend). Had brunch. Had the dirt I brought. Sat around and chatted and did gifts.

Went to Chris's parents' house. Gifts for mom (movie gift basket w/snacks and Blockbuster gift card; plants; and we paid for Chinese food for dinner). Gifts for grammie (new mat for front porch w/cats on it; cat picture frame; plant). Gifts for dad's birthday (optical mouse and photo paper). Sat around and chatted. Ate dinner. Sat around and chatted. Went home and got back around 9:30. Now this means I missed the Sopranos but I will see it tonight when they replay it. Yes, honey, sometimes I am very happy for our 13 HBO channels b/c it means I never really miss the Sopranos.

The bad part about yesterday was that I had another migraine. I was trying to avoid taking a shot and took pills instead. When we were at Chris's house, the stress of the weekend (and my entire life) were making it unbearable. Unfortunately, all I had was a refill and not the cylinder that screws into the needle that you push the button to inject yourself. So we had to use a little knife to get the refill out, then I had to jab the needle into my arm, except that the stuff wasn't coming out. So then I had to hold the needle in my arm and Chris took a little screwdriver and pushed the little plastic thingie down so the needle went deeper into my arm and the Imitrex went into my bloodstream. This was a little more painful than usual. Um, big ouchies. And I got a little blood on my white peasant top shirt :(

Okay, pouting over. I was really tired this morning but overall my day was not too bad. I am not jinxing anything, but let's just say that things are looking up for me on the work front. There were a lot of people out today (including my boss) so I had the opportunity to shine. For the first time in months, I am feeling good about my potential at this company, and I am glad I stuck in there for the long haul and did not give up when the going got tough.

I hope everyone has a wonderful night! I need to go open up and enjoy my package, work on other packages, and make some package gang matches before they sic the hounds on me!!
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