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Feeling pouty

I had to move to my new desk today. I hate it. The cube is right by our huge back window and there is a serious glare no matter where I put my computer. So now it is stuffed into this corner at a weird angle and I'll prob. give myself carpal tunnel and back pain and turn into a computer troll. I also hate my new phone. It's huge and ugly. And I am the last cube in the main aisle on the way to the bathroom so everyone who has to pee thinks it is a good idea to stop by and chat. Uncross your legs and get out of my face!

This is so stupid. I am twice as far away from the new people I am working for. I basically had to move due to stupid office politics. Now I am on the "good" side of the bldg. Morons! But my new cube is very "visible" so I am going to have to cut down on the LJ at work. *pout pout*

Nothing exciting happened today. I was very, very busy and did not have time to eat lunch until like 3:30. So then I had a headache and got cranky. Now I'm sitting here trying to will myself to finish cleaning the bathroom. I did half of it last night but then went to bed.

Wish there was something good on TV tonight. Think I will read a magazine or a book and go to bed early.
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