She of the Glossy Lips (glossgirl) wrote,
She of the Glossy Lips

Okay I did it again...

...and got the same exact results! You would think I would get better results being familiar with the material. But no....
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hee :) i seem to get worse as i do it more and more ;)
I have never been a good typist. I'm clumsy so I can type fast but not accurate. Plus I am used to Word where it corrects it for you. Lazy!

How could you possibly get worse, Miss 90 words per minute? LOL

and that was when it wasn't just out of my head. i fear to see that, if i didn't have to capitalize either.

you've probably improved more than you think you have. your speed was fantastic ;)
Oh pish tosh!!!
it was! :) i swear!