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Thank you jadedheart for my yummy smelling goat's milk soap. I can't wait to try it!!

I have finished my packages for jadedheart and Jessa but I'm wondering if I should wait until Monday to mail them. They have meltable things in them and I don't want them sitting around somewhere all weekend...I will think about it and take them to work tomorrow and see if I have a chance to hit the post office.

Hope everyone had a great day. I watched the Friends and ER season finales while making packages and doing laundry. Both were disappointing (although I was intrigued by what Carter said to Abby...but I like her and Luca together). Friends was retarded. I guess that's why I don't watch that show anymore. It's sad, b/c it used to be so good, and now I can watch an entire episode and not laugh once. I would rather watch a rerun from 4 years ago than a new episode! LOL

Okay, well I am going to the beach tomorrow for the weekend, so I need to do some quick package matches and pack and go to bed. Will have to wear a swimsuit this weekend :( but I will get some sun :) and hopefully some sleep :)
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