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Happy Friday!

Yeah, I have not accomplished a lot today. Some of the girls I am going to the beach with are off work today, so I have talked on the phone with them, talked to my mom, sent e-mails etc. Am trying to be motivated but it's just not happening. Plus I will be out of here in 2 hours anyway so why bother??

Mailed Jessa's package today. I will mail jadedheart's package on Monday. Am still working on things for sera, Caroline, and Karen. Oops, and working on packages for Mark and Angel. I will try to mail them at the end of next week! I am going out of town for Memorial Day weekend too, though so if I get in a crunch I will mail them when I get back from New York.

And New York souvenir requests, please let me know!!

Well, I'm out of here at 3, home to change and grab my stuff, then off to the beach. It's gray and gloomy here today but should be nice weather tomorrow. Have a great weekend everyone!!
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