She of the Glossy Lips (glossgirl) wrote,
She of the Glossy Lips

Back from da beach

Well, I had fun at my "girly beach weekend" trip although it rained the whole time. The five of us arrived in OC Friday night after stopping for food on the way. We stayed in Fri. and drank and gossiped and went to bed early. I woke up around 3 with a screaming migraine. Decided to sleep downstairs on the couch where it was cooler. Took some pills, tossed and turned, finally took a shot and got back to sleep around 6 or 7. Not my best night :(

We woke up at a reasonable hour the next morning. Hung out, talked, and took our time getting ready. We went out to eat lunch at Fager's Island. We shared some appetizers and I had chicken quesadillas...yummy! The other girls had drinks but my head was still a little shaky so I decided I would wait til later to start drinking again. We had a really nice (and large!) lunch, and then when we got the check my friend Melinda offered to pay for it. It was a really, really, really nice thing to do! Especially b/c I did not take a lot of money with me so I was budget girl for the weekend. She said she wanted to treat us. *sniff sniff* I need to send her a thank-you card this week because it was really nice of her (and this was not a cheap meal!).

After lunch, we decided to try and find a tanning salon so we could get some kind of sun, even if it was fake! *LOL* We found one with several beds, and the owner was very friendly (and incredibly chatty; she told us her whole life story) so we took turns doing that. Then we went to CVS for Cover Girl Outlast lipstick, which was on sale. I passed as I prefer gloss over lipstick most of the time. But I did purchase a little cheesy souvenir thing for Caroline. We didn't really do any other shopping so that was all I bought.

We went back to the house and hung out. Some of the girls played cards. I read magazines and took a nap. Melinda had to drive back b/c she had plans on Sunday. I joined in on the cards (...and maybe a little drinking...) for a little bit, and then we went out to Seacrets (*the* OC hot spot). The line wasn't too bad, but the cover charge wsas $10! For two cheesy bands and overpriced drinks...ridiculous. Usually it's $5 after 10, so we need to go earlier next time.

Did not get my jerk chicken :( but maybe Chris and I will go there and eat if we get to the beach this summer. We basically walked around, had a few drinks, and did some hardcore dancing and jumping around. Left when the bar closed. Kelly and I went home, and Karen and Nancy went to get something to eat.

We woke up around noon the next day. Kelly and I had been in around 3, so we got some decent sleep. Went out to lunch, packed and cleaned up, and got on the road around 4. Hit a lot of traffic and I think I got home around 9:30. I unpacked, watched a little TV, and went to bed. Chris had bought Chinese food so there was chicken lo mein waiting for me. What a good boyfriend! *smooches*

Today has blown chunks. Did not sleep well, did not want to get up this morning. It's raining and gloomy and crappy here. I had to go off on one of my co-workers (the aforementioned "annoying co-worker"). I was waiting to receive something important in the mail, and when it came, she opened it and held it desk since Friday. Okay, it was in a confidential envelope addressed to me. She saw who it was from and thought it was her business. Guess what, bitch? It's not! I confronted her about it and she pretended like she didn't see my name on it. I am going to my former supervisor (her supervisor) tomorrow when she gets back from vacation and letting her know what happened. I was at the point where I was ready to call the employee and tell them I never got it, which would have created an uproar b/c it was extremely confidential information. The whole time it was sitting on her desk. Dumb bitch. Idiot. Cunt. I do not buy her act one bit, and neither does anyone else.

Then I walked over to Bennigan's to get soup and a roll, and they did not give me their famous honey butter for the roll :( It's a torrential downpour outside so I am not walking back. I was going to go to Target to return stuff, but forget it! I don't need the stress...

Hope everyone had a good weekend and that your Monday is better than mine!!
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