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Oops I did it again...

...that's right, it was a Britney Spears skirt day! I felt like such an idiot but I'm tired of wearing the same stuff. I work with mostly girls anyway so it's not like anyone is looking at my legs except me ;)

Annoying co-worker had the nerve to come back later this afternoon and apologize for the mail incident. I thought she was going to cry. I kind of wish she would have cried. *evil grin* I reamed her a new asshole (in a polite way, of course). "I just didn't realize it had your name on it. I saw who it was from and I opened it." I mean, give me a fucking break. Who on earth would open a confidential envelope with someone else's name on it? There is just no excuse. We are in the business of confidentiality. Fortunately, nothing came of this, but I explained to her several ways in which her mishap could have caused needless worry to the sender of the information, and also made our dept. look like a bunch of idiots. "You need to think," I told her. She was like, "I know I need help in the thinking dept."

Yes, ladies and gents, these are the fine top quality people that my company hires. She was at her job many moons before I started, so why am I training her? Everyone in the freaking building hates her except for her supervisor. She schmoozes her supervisor while the rest of us make up for her mistakes. She is so ditzy it just isn't funny and I am tired of her sorry pathetic whiny ass. I told her how I felt and tomorrow I am telling her boss. This could have snowballed into something much bigger all b/c of her being an idiot. And I am not even supposed to be working in that area anymore so why I am dealing with this crap? Why? Why????

Okay, I feel better getting that off my chest. It just bothers me to see someone who makes more money than I do, has benefits, etc. and I swear to God this girl could not add two and two together. I don't know how she got through college. She didn't sleep her way to the top b/c she's the world's biggest prude.

Believe it or not, I do take my job seriously, and I have to b/c of all the legalities involved. I may do a little look-see for some lip gloss, but when I am dealing with sensitive information, I don't fuck around. One little mistake does a lawsuit make!

Well I have to go catch up on the laundry and make some phone calls. After that it's relaxation time for me!! I also need to make some packages this week....I'll be in NY this weekend so let me know if you want something if you haven't already! jadedheart, I didn't get your package out today but promise to mail it out this week sweetie! Hope you have recovered from your weekend!

Jessa, I hope everything is well with you. I also hope you got my package and that it cheers you up! *hugs*
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