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Polka dots and annoying co-workers

I wore my lil' polka dot skirt with a bright fuschia top and black cardigan today so I would feel confident when talking to my old boss about aforementioned annoying co-worker. I explained the situation, told her all the ways how this could have snowballed into a major confidentiality issue (espec. considering whose information it was--a real bitch and stickler for rules) and I basically just said that I was doing a favor for AC in the first place and for her to open my mail and then withhold it from me so that I could not complete a favor for her was freakin' ludicrous.

What my old boss doesn't understand is that this will reflect badly upon her in the end, having a weak person on her staff. She makes a mistake with the wrong person and she is history. This girl is a total idiot. She dressed up real purty today (I guess trying to make a good impression) but no one is talking to her and she ignores me when we pass by in the hallway. I don't really care; I was never her friend and don't want to be. She can kiss my gloss!!

Went to Target and finally picked up my redeveloped roll of pics from Vegas. Will try to post more this week. I had bought something for Sera and Mark there last week but I went back and bought more. Now they will each get two! You'll understand when you see them guys...hee hee. I hope you like them! Now I want to keep them, but I will remain true to the package spirit and give them to you kiddies...

I am unintentionally sparkling today. Apparently I was so tired this morning that I put a wee bit too much shimmery eyeshadow on, and now it's all over my cheeks and I can't get it off...LOL. I guess I will be forced to glow!!

In a pretty good mood has cleared up. It was nice to get out of the office even though I had no money to buy cute package stuff for my buds. I returned some stuff so once the credit comes through on my check card it'll free me up to mail some stuff. Isn't living paycheck to paycheck fun???? If something drastic ever happens to me I don't know what I'll do b/c I won't be able to pay for it.

Hope everyone is having a good afternoon!
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