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Welcome to Duhland

Felt like something was off today. Realized when I got to work that I was wearing navy tights. Too bad my outfit is gray and black and my shoes are black! Duh!! This is *so* not the first time I have worn the wrong color tights.

Beautiful day outside but all that sun means major glare on my 2" monitor. Cheap bastards.

Am soooooooooo unmotivated.

Good news for jadedheart: I got paid today so I can mail your package! Will try to get Sera's and Caroline's packages out tomorrow. Just need to stick them in the box.

Well I need to go to the post office and get postcard stamps so I can mail some postcards from NY. I have realized that I have no shoes to wear with my capri pants that will be comfortable, so I need to buy some sneaker mules or something cute (Vegas blister flashback).
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