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So today's winner occurred this morning when the construction crew swung their big gigantic crane into the parking garage. A full parking garage, mind you. There was only minor damage to one or two cars but no one can go in or leave the garage except some structural inspector guy. So if you came here for a meeting or something temporary, you're screwed! You're stuck here and you can't get your car out of the garage for prob. a few more hours. And this happened hours ago!

I guess somebody was looking out for me b/c I got in here early enough to get a spot out front. And the time it occurred is the time I am usually parking my car in the garage and coming into work. A little odd, don't ya think??

There are so many idiots in the world. I mean, hello? It's a big ass crane. Watch where you put it buddy! That could have slammed into a person.
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